Click Click Boom: a Linking Strategy that will Blow Away Your Competition

Web marketers, do you hear what I hear?

"Click-click BOOM"

That's the sound of your new linking strategy that's going to positively blow your competition clear out of the water.

Click-click BOOM.

That's your target customer, doing her thing, clicking on your URL and dropping onto your landing page, where she is about to be converted to a loyal paying customer for life.

Set your sights on the target customer.

Nowadays, the term "target audience" is so overused that it's become trite and meaningless. But the fact is, targeting your ideal prospects has never been more crucial to the success of your web based business. On the web, you're competing with the ENTIRE GLOBE... so if you don't zero in on that single prototype who's juiced for what you have, you're wasting precious time and energy sending your message to the wrong eyes and ears.

So: pick a customer. Zero in on his wants and needs. Speak in words he can understand. Then, sell him something he can USE.

Choose your marketing weapon.

Is the proverbial violence starting to freak you out a little? Don't worry, this is just a metaphor, and it's one that's been used for ages because it WORKS. Marketing is forever being compared to firing guns and weapons, because there is a distinct method to the madness and that method entails scoping out the most likely candidates for your product, and then streamlining your message to hit them dead-on. And imagine, all this being done without them even realizing what happened!

Okay, so you've got your target in sight. Your eye's on the prize... but what marketing strategy will be your "weapon of choice?"

Article Marketing.

Writing articles on the web is the IDEAL way to capture those leads, convert prospects into paying customers and make that "Click click BOOM" happen for your company. Why? Because each of your articles will directly address a market segment that's hot for your product... and because of the URL that appears at the end of every article you write that gets distributed all over the web.

Click-click BOOM.

That's your customer clicking the link. He's sold, brother! You sold him because you told him what he wanted to hear, and you did it in a medium that reached him in his own territory on the web. Article marketing: niche-based advertising to magnetize your customer to the power of your brand. Brilliant!


Millions of marketers fully grasp the concept of aiming for the target buying prospect... so they write a couple of engaging articles, but then they tire of the game and soon they're on to something else. You, my friend, should be firing that web article wisdom in rounds. Write five articles that hit your target audience over their collective head, send them out into circulation... and then write five more. Then, write five more after that! Keep the momentum going! The source of your marketing ammunition comes directly from your noggin, and that means a constant stream of fresh ideas that gives out when you give up the fight.

Are you feeling the Click-click BOOM yet? Let's hope so. Now put those article marketing guns in the sky and blow your competition away.

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

Dina Giolitto is the author of ARTICLE POWER: Create Dynamite Web Articles and Watch Your Sales Explode... a 49-page manual covering every aspect of article marketing on the web. Learn about article marketing, copywriting and more at

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