Google Has No Content On Page

One of the post from My SEO world Meet Up Group?.!

One of my Friend posted

"Best example is google and yahoo and other good Search engines, they are not using Meta tags, keyword and description. has no content on page"

In response to this I say content & Meta tags are important. Below is my reply for the post.


I have come across same problem when I was optimizing a site. In the process of my optimization I went to my "Product Manager" to add some content on home page but what I got in reply was

"No Ravz I am not in favor of keeping any content on my page"

So I replied it is very important in respect of search engines? how will search engines come to know what are we all about, we have mention in our title we are job site & if we give a brief about same in the content it will definitely help & So she countered me "" & "" are not having any content still they are ranking top...?

So now this was the time where I felt an need to show some statistical figures to prove my points I simply showed her Back Links of (14100) & (861) explaining her that there are around 14100 & 861 sites pointing towards & saying that they are Jobs site so in this case they don't need much of content they have already proved their Presence & the links coming are relevant, where as we are still struggling to get some hand so for time being we need some content which will tell search engine that the site is all about jobs. Later on when we have huge back links of thousands we too can take calculative risk of having no content

In short Meta tags & content still has the importance its not at all if some 1 is not using we should not, in fact we should use, so we have upper hand from those.

The all game is about proving "what u say" I mean if u say in your title that the site is about jobs then you have to prove it by adding content by getting relevant links by submitting to directories to relevant categories . . . . . . . & so on.

I don't claim my words, its my understanding & feelings.

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