Lets Make Your Website #1

Their is simple way of making your website rank top and search optimized.

Step 1. Before buying the domain name think what your business/website services. Try to get the same meaning URL. ...or if you already have a website try to make your website starting page content matches the URL.

Step 2. Define your website content in 6 to 10 words and make that as Title

Step 3. Make your heading start with short heading and match the content.

Step 4. The first heading what you place is very important, many search engines even google-bot grab the first body text as the description. You should start this heading with explaining your website or list your services on the top as menu etc.,

Step 5. a. Do not place too many keywords of one or b. do not place too many diffrent keywords. In a. case it will narrow your search optimization to only one set of keyword family In B case it will confuse the search engine while categorizing

Step 6. Place your keywords in the Meta-Tags which are used to detail your website. Write keywords 30 to 60 which are related to your website, and what user should type to see the services Write the Description related to the starting para of website, URL, couple of keywords and services but not more than 100 words.

Step 7. Place each link with a short hint what it is. This will also be your keyword indirectly

Step 8. Place comment tags inside the script in such a way you can edit in futur and this will help now.

Step 9. Make the title Attribute even though these does not influence any search optimization but helps in keywords in content

Step 10. Keywords in text links. When you are keyword is a text link then it sounds very close that the keywords is a website contect for you.

Step 11. Links from various websites back to you. You should be carefull where your links are listed. do no place links where you are not related to that website. Anylink you place write your keyword and href link and a alt tag to help the link connect your website

Step 12. Maintine the common theme throught site will help easy categorization and optimization. If you have diffrent categories in your website then you should better do this in sub domains or diffrent directories and follow the same steps for each directory or subdomain you make

Step 13. Link backs(write articles, comments etc and place your links in same contect websites),Link Exchange write other webmaster an email of link exchange Idea, Maximum Links (do not place more than 60 links in a page), site map (configure you website error 404 page to site map. In case any broken links in the site will bring back to the site map. Site map helps visitors and search engines to follow your website easily.

Write the Robots.txt in to your root directory and copy the user agents of which search engines you are more consern about.

Goto the top search engines, type the top keywords of your website & see which websites are shown and follow the content they made(some times you will see the unrelated results come on top. Then its easy you getting first their.

Ground work is more important than buying adv, link exchanges etc. If your website is not the way bots want then how much money you spend is just going to be in the waterfall.

Hemanth Dondolu http://www.loonarsoft.com

My research on many diffrent websites included major search engines like google, yahoo, aol, alltheweb etc.

From their news review I found that each search engine carries their own rules and its hard to provide results for everyone. So follow the standards not monopolies

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