Link Exchange Tips, No Tricks

  • Use text links, avoid image links.
  • Anyhow, if you have used image links, then always make sure to put your keywords in the alt tags.
  • Put your prime keywords in text links and always insure to put a short descriptions of your website/page in minimum of 20-30 words or more if allowed.
  • In text links if you are not allowed to add descriptions then always try to put a short descriptions in title tag. E.g.: < a href =" link-exchange.html " title =" Link Exchange Tips, No Tricks ">Link Exchange< /a >
  • Avoid repetition of keywords, repetition will lead to low rankings.
  • Always try to exchange links from related websites (e.g. if you have a football league website, then a link from other sports websites will be known as related website links)
  • Never, exchange links with unrelated websites/pages.
  • Always ensure that the website that you are exchanging links with, is well optimized and has a good content.
  • Never try to exchange links in quick sessions. Since search engines ignores or does not index those sites who gets bundles of links in quick time.
  • Give your link exchange works few hours every day, to ensure that you get limited but quality links.
  • Mainly for new websites, avoid exchanging bundles of links in quick sessions.
  • Avoid creating a link/links.html file, since search-engines do not index link/links.html files, often.
  • Always make a 'resources' (any appropriate name) folder and create an index.html file for that named folder and create appropriate html files for appropriate links going into them. (a sort of web-directory)
  • Never, never exchange links with pages bearing more than 50 back-links. Generally 25 is appropriate and should not be more than two clicks away from the index/main page.
  • Always ensure yourself that the page/website you are exchanging link is being indexed by the search engines or not.
  • Also ensure on your own that the page/website you are exchanging link with, is not being blocked by any scripts, or disallowed by robots.txt, or disallowed by using noindex, nofollow on html page.
  • Avoid linking to those tricky and false websites, and if possible inform already linked websites about the matter and ask them for link-exchange, if related to your websites.
  • Links from the main/index page of the related website is the most quality link that a website can get. But, never try to place more than 20 back-links in index/main page.
  • Exchanging links with your competitor's back linking website/pages are also the quality links that a website can get.
  • Never post your website links to FFA, Guestbook, or other unrelated areas. Since search-engines completely ignores such links and may penalize your website.
  • Site bearing good Google page rank are appropriate for link-exchange. Generally 4+ Google page rank is great for link-exchange.
  • Exchanging links with old website is excellent.
  • Link exchanging with new websites, with decent Google ranking at first, but bears quality contents and is well optimized, is also an excellent option for exchanging-links, since new websites bears less outgoing links than the old websites.
  • While exchanging links for homepage of your website, also try to exchange links for sub-pages of it, for better ranking for that particular sub-page.
  • Personal verification of the linking partner's website is recommended.
  • Check for total incoming and outgoing links for whole website or for particular sub-pages of your linking partner's website and off course of your own before getting link exchanged.

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