Tales, Fails And Betrayals Of Search Engine Placement Part 1

This is the first of a series of articles about a subject so many people want to learn; the un-sizzled truth of search engines. What do you really know about how a web site is placed? Are you being told the truth? Not only will these articles enlighten you, but along the way, I will create a new web site and in the next 2 months we will watch where it lands!

You will learn about the tricks, and tools I use. If I have an affiliation with any of the companies I recommend, I will let you know. I'm going to start at the very beginning. Therefore, I will assume you have little or no knowledge of how web pages get to the top of the search engines.

There is a reason that large web site companies have names like eBay, Google, and Yahoo! These names are unique, limited in characters, easy to spell, easy to say and the biggest reason ? they are easy to REMEMBER! I also noticed that they are sounds my toddler makes! I'm not a psychologist, so I won't go there, but you get my point. I'm not saying that your web site name should be googoogaga.com, but the more unique the name, the less chance of duplication by others. Before you consider purchasing a web name, first check it out! Oh by the way, the name googoogaga.com is already taken.

You think you have a great name for a web site? Go to the following search engine addresses and type in the name. Remember people use spaces if they type in more than one word. This is why your site name should be short! Think of compound words or terms used together, like "cash stash."





http://www.aol.com (search is at the very bottom of their page)

Many people purchase a web name that matches their birth name, as in www.stanleygeorge.com. Just look in your local phone book and see how many others have your name. Why would you think your name would be unique in an entire world of people? Okay, Okay, don't fret just yet, even if you did use your name as a web name. You will learn how to remedy that situation in this article.

When picking a name for your web site, you want to think of the following items.

Describes what you do

Is easy to spell

Is easy to remember

Has a word or words that people will use in a search

Or is Unique enough to create curiosity

That's the problem with the web names today. Most items people type in a search engine is already used. So I take a different approach to web names. If unable to get a "search term" for a name, then I go for unique names. My new web site for this article is http://www.popcornfart.com. Okay, does that strike a curiosity? Where did I get the name? Actually, it was a saying from my grandfather. Yes, I did check the web, and very few items came up with that verbiage. Now for the lesson in the name game!

You can purchase a name without a web site. Read that again. You can buy just a name! Oh, no one told you that? Here's the best part! You can redirect that name to an existing web site, to a free web site, or even to a page on a web site. That's right! You can pick any name and have it redirected. Think of it, as call forwarding! If your current name is not the most advantageous to the search engines, or is too long, you can buy a better name, and have it automatically pull up your web site. Just like call forwarding your phone, only your new web site address is seen online.

I'm not affiliated with this company, but I've been working with them for over 5 years. They only sell names, and ways to redirect them. When you purchase a name from them, you also get redirection e-mail for free. I'll explain more about redirection e-mail in the part II of this article. For now, check out, http://www.namesecure.com.

Using their home page, you will be able to type in a web name you want to purchase. You will be surprised that so many of the names are already taken. Get creative and think of something unique. Take your time!

You must open an account with Namesecure which includes a user name and password. I found it easier to first setup the account, then purchase the name. Their web site can be confusing to new users, so go slow. Don't go crazy and purchase names you will not use. I know it is tempting, because names on this site are reasonably priced. Don't purchase extra stuff! With the name, you automatically get e-mail forwarding. Buy the name for only 2 years, as the web changes quickly.

The order is usually processed in about two days, sometimes in 15 minutes. The name will then appear in your account. Sign back into your account, then click on the word "modify/update" next to your name. A new page appears and on the third tab below your new name you will see "Web Settings." That is where you tell the new name to redirect to your existing web site. The amount of time to redirect also varies. I've had some names redirect in 10 minutes, others took 8 hours.

So now you know, multiple names that redirect appear as multiple web sites. Don't miss Part II of this article ? online soon!

Copyright by Gina Novelle at http://www.thirdpocket.com

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Gina Novelle is a published free lance writer! She writes "How-To" articles, press releases, and other informational articles. She works with clients that want to obtain a web presence, and is available to write for you. Her Background can be found at http://www.thirdpocket.com/wall.htm, and mailto:gina@exclusivemarkets.net.

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