Google, Yahoo! and MSN Line up More Goodies for Internet Users

Internet users have never had it better what with Yahoo!, Google and MSN planning to roll out more goodies. Yahoo! is launching its Yahoo! 360 and Google has already made its beta version of the Desktop Search tool widely available for anyone to download it for free to enable one to search e-mails, book marked web pages, or content from your desktop with the use of keywords in the stored Microsoft Word or PDF files. Not to be left behind MSN is readying itself to pose another challenge to Google after its launch of MSN Search. Microsoft is launching its own paid search advertising services like the adwords of google.

Yahoo! 360 an invitation only beta service to be launched from 29th march is already making waves on the internet. Yahoo! 360 will provide a seamlessly integrated platform for all its services like Yahoo! messanger, Yahoo! Community! mobile blogging, Yahoo! photos, Yahoo! Local and the yet to be launched web logs or Blogs. If you want to be one of the early users, rush to the invitation site for 360 and join the queue for the invite.

MSN is already well into its beta version of its blog MSN Spaces.

It is to be seen who wins the war of the blogs which is projected to be next big thing on the internet after emails providing anyone the facility of creating their own web pages without any technical knowledge.

The last word on the email storage capacities haven't been said yet. According to informed reports Yahoo! is planning to offer its email users 1 GB of email capacity ahead of google coming out of Beta and opening up its email offering to public. Together with its plans to add more space by increasing its email to 1 GB across the glob for Yahoo! mail users, it is making a determined bid to counter Google with My Yahoo! which is undoubtedly the best place to integrated all your internet activities. One can expect Hotmail to follow suit with its own offering of 1 GB mail box from its current 250 MB.

Customers can expect a line up of features with the three giants battling it out to increase their respective market shares.

"Consumers are looking for a new type of service that takes the best of first generation social networking services and successfully integrates it with communications, self-publishing and community tools," said Dan Rosensweig, chief operating officer of Yahoo! "Yahoo! 360 will offer consumers an innovative and engaging way for people to share their lives, leverage their community and get the most out of their online experience."

Market and users are waiting with bated breath for the imminent launch of Yahoo blogs with new features with Yahoo! 360.

Exciting times are ahead for the internet users. Whoever said Competition makes the consumer king must have had prophetic visions of the internet. The industry too matures and grows to new levels of performance and profits.

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