How and Why to Avoid the SEO Mania

The Why

But what is the reality of reaching a number 1 position on any of the big three search engines ? Google, Yahoo, and MSN ? and staying there? Somewhere between a remote possibility to impossible.

Why? Because there are well over 16 million websites battling for the number 1 position on "any" given day. Talk about too much competition for one, unique goal. You'd have more luck betting on the lottery, a game of blackjack, or a horse race.

It's true, my opinion runs against the tide of SEO advocates ? but let your own experience speak for itself. Are you number one on any of the big three? Do you understand the Google sandbox? Most people don't. It is absolutely a waste of your online time to get caught up in this mania when there are sane alternatives available.

"So Gary, what's the solution"? I am glad you asked. Let's take a look at some "realistic" and doable activities that will bring you increased web traffic.

The How

You can...

1) Develop or buy a valuable, high demand product to sell (Ex: Microsoft Windows software)

2) Write great, useful news content for your readers ( and USA

3) Create a web tool with great content that people need (

4) Devise a unique business model for an old market concept (auctions on

5) Get a cutting edge product or service that has an absolute or near monopoly and has mass-market appeal.

6) Write content-rich articles in an area in which you are the expert and submit them to related websites.

7) Write a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly newsletter related to your interests.

8) Ask other webmasters to exchange their website addresses with yours.

9) Submit a free ebook that you have written to other websites with your website address and contact information included in the ebook.

10) Provide a free service to your niche market and submit ads to other websites.

11) Sell hard-to-find products at an attractive price.

12) Advertise on other websites, like

These dozen ideas are only a handful of traffic attracting solutions for your website. Choose as many as you like. The end result should be more visitors to your website who are interested in what YOU have to offer.

Good luck and success!

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