Google Rankings ? Achieving a Top 10 Position in Google ? Part 2

Achieving a top ranking position in Google is every webmasters dream. Unfortunately very few ever make it high enough for it to make a big difference on their traffic volume. If you are one of the few to make it onto the Top 10 list, you have probably found out that your listing doesn't always stay on top. So, besides all the other advice online, it is also extremely important to under stand your competition, and to properly use their key words to your advantage. This article is the conclusion in a 2 part series. In part 1 we looked at how to effectively use Google rankings in helping us better understand our competitors. Part 2 will discuss how to maximize and use Google Suggest to determine the frequency of various key word searches.

As discussed in before, not only is it important to find out how your competitors rank for a certain term in Google, but it is also perhaps even more important to find out how many times that specific phrase has been searched for. Google Suggest Beta is the perfect answer for this problem. Just type in a few words and it will immediately display multiple results for that specific term, and variations of it.

***Hint*** Remember, it is not always necessary to have a top 10 listing for the most popular searched phrase. Just imagine the potential of having 5 top listings for keywords that are not quite as popular. Not only will it be easier to achieve a top 10 listing, but while all your competitors fight over 1-3 key words, you are capitalizing on all the others. In the end this will mean a literal financial windfall depending on your product, etc.

Just hold on, we're not done yet. It is also important to pinpoint your key words even farther, and most people always seem to miss this step. Use the same keyword(s) in Google Suggest, but this time place apostrophes around the term and hit "submit". This time you will find out how many competing sites exist for that exact phrase, not just every word in your phrase.

For instance the phrase ? Natural Acne Cure shows 796,000 results However, now do a search for "Natural Acne Cure" as of today it shows 9,820 results.

In the end, if you can find a specific term that ranks 5000 or less, you have an excellent chance of receiving a higher ranking within Google once you start marketing and implementing successful strategies to maximize your specific key word.

Remember, while the marketing and promotion, and "how to's" are extremely important, you must always start with the correct keywords first, and properly understand your competition or else you will fail before you ever begin. Or at the very least, you will be climbing a mountain of adversity instead of a leisurely stroll in obtaining your first Top 10 ranking.

Darren H. currently owns and is involved with various online marketing and management companies. He is the author of "How to Get Listed in Google within 72 Hours." and prides himself on helping many individuals and business customers achieve top 10 rankings within Google in an extremely short time frame. To learn more and get started today please visit:

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