See How The New Kicked Up Google Sitemap Can Get You Indexed Faster and Ranked Higher!

Does Creating a Google Site Map and Telling Google About it get your Work at Home Business Web Page Indexed Faster? Google Visited My Home Based Business Web Page the Same Day I Uploaded my Site Map. It stands to reason anything you can do make it easier for Google to Index your Work at Home Business Online Business get a Google Ranking. For sure if you don't get indexed you won't get ranked.

To show you how serious Google is about using Sitemaps. Google Sitemaps now come with an extra added bonus. After you upload your Sitemap to Google and they crawl your site Google will actually tell you any problems it encountered with your web page and suggestions on how to fix them.

In Order to take advantage of this New feature the first thing you need to do is create a Google Sitemap

Creating a Google Sitemap is really easy very briefly here is all you need to do

  • Create a free Google Sitemap Accounts

  • Create a Free Google Sitemap only at or you can follow Google's instructions and create a Text Sitemap:

  • Upload your Sitemap to your web page

  • Login to your Google Sitemap account and tell Google the URL of your Sitemap

    After you have created and uploaded your Google Sitemap all you need to do is be patient for about 24 Hours (sometimes less) until Google Crawls your web page. After Google Crawls your web page you will see a verify link next to your Sitemap name. Click the link and Google will instruct you to create a blank file and place it on your Web Page, Once you have done that Google will tell you any problems it encountered crawling your Page. Now fix the problems tell Google to recrawl your page and your are done

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