How to Get Non-stop Free Traffic to Your Website

Yet the simple truth is that without traffic a website cannot be successful. Lack of traffic really need not be a problem because there are various free, proven ways of generating traffic that will cost you nothing but get you lots of traffic without you having to spend anything.

Search engines are a major source of traffic and yet effective search engine optimization does not need to cost you a penny. The key here is the content in your site. Well-written "killer" content will go a long way in getting you the desired attention from search engines. Focus on ensuring that your keywords are generously littered all over your copy. In your title, meta tags, headers, as well as the top and bottom portion of your website. Then ensure that you are constantly adding fresh content to your site. This will definitely get you the desired attention and resultant traffic from leading search engines.

Then you can then guarantee repeat traffic by publishing an online or email newsletter. Write interesting articles or supply valuable tips to your list and they will keep on coming back to your site and also talking to others about it.

Discussion forums are still highly effective traffic generation tools. Carefully select the ones that match your website target market most closely and then visit them regularly to share your expertise and knowledge. Include your resource box with your website link right below your post. You will be surprised at the volume of traffic that this simple action can generate for your site.

Writing and posting articles to other websites, your blog, article directories and announcement groups, is a very effective way of creating permanent regular traffic to your website. Things will get very interesting for you when the viral effect takes over and your articles get re-posted in hundreds and then thousands of other sites all over the web. And with your link still intact in the resource box.

Using these methods you can generate a sizeable volume of traffic to your website and ultimately succeed in a major way in your online enterprise.

Lois S. is a Technical Executive Writer for and with experience in the website hosting industry.

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