These 7 Back Link Strategies Will Get You a Top Ranking on Google Guaranteed

Google use a very complex function to determine which search results to return, Google is always changing and Modifying that function to better Serve the Search Engine User. The one constant is quality back links. These are pages linking to you without you linking back to them.

1 - Post to Newsgroups

Many Newsgroups will allow you to post links especially if they are related to the topic or question being asked.

2 - Post to Forums

Forums are Similar to newsgroups but they are typically broken down by topic

3 - Add Comments to a Blog

Many Blogs will allow you to post comments. Find 10 or so blogs a day that are related to your web page and post a comment about your web page. Be sure and use Pingomatic to ping the Blog after you post your comment

4 - Give Testimonials

Send in unsolicited testimonials for products and services you use. Make sure and say You have permission to use the above testimonial.

5 - Circular Linking

There are many strategies involving circular linking. As a simple example you own or operate 2 Web Sites, called Site-1 and Site-2. You can offer a link partner a link on Site-1 if they agree to link to site-2.

6 - Buy Text Ads

Many e-zines are not only sent out via e-mail but are posted on the Internet. By finding an Ezine that keeps that past articles online you can often buy a text ad for a few days get back links

7 - Submit Articles

You can Write and Submit Articles. This might be perhaps the most viral way to get back links. It is not unusual to have your article re-printed in 25 on 50 Web pages the same day you submit it. As other people read these 25 or 50 pages they in turn decide to reprint your article. It is like a snowball rolling down a never ending hill. The More it Rolls the bigger it get and the faster it go's.

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