Search Engine Success & The Google-Vision Secret

Want to know the secret to great search engine listings? Ignore Google.

No, I'm not crazy.

Have you ever seen a horse plodding down the road wearing blinders? A lot of people see the road to good search engine listings the same way. With blinders on. They can't see anything but Google. Google is number one. They obsess on Google. They desperately want to get a good listing in Google.

That is crazy. True Google-Vision requires removing the blinders.

If you do a Google search for "Google Marketshare" you'll find some interesting numbers.

  • comScore Networks says Google has 36.9% of the search market.

  • eMedia says 45.85%.

  • Search View agrees with eMedia.

Do you know what that means? It means that if you're obsessed with Google, you're not seeing over half the searchers on the Internet. That's pretty crazy, too.

The top four search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. Ignore Google. Ignore Yahoo, too. Trust me on this.

MSN loves content and they prefer a relatively flat hierarchy to your site. For example;



Each slash (/) represents another level in your file hierarchy. Less is more.

Make sure you have great content on your site. Submit to MSN. Then submit to Once you've done those two, submit some articles to article directories. Yes, just like this one.

When you've done all the above, submit just your main page to Read their policies very, very carefully first. You do not want to make the submission wrong and get rejected. dMoz feeds AOL search, and you know how many members AOL has... They're like the McDonalds of ISPs.

Then, keep an eye on your website stats program. Odds are, one day you'll log in and see a little visitor named Googlebot. It works almost every time.

See, Google doesn't like websites that exaggerate their importance, stuff pages with keywords or cheat their algorithm to attempt to get to the top. Even on their website, they state that they examine the entire web when calculating results.

Looking at the web as a whole, instead of focusing on Google is true Google-Vision. It's how Google looks at the web, and it's how you need to look at the web, too.

When you stop obsessing on Google, and start working on providing good content to the rest of the Internet, Google will find you. In my experience, Yahoo won't be too far behind. clients have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, People Magazine & more. You can get great results, too. Start with the free email course, at or enjoy the discounts for Ezine Article readers

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