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Everyone should realize that the search engines (sponsored ads aside)are not tools for advertisement, they are meant to be tools for everday web users. Users who search the web are looking for information, thats it. They may want information on how to buy something, or they may simply want to what the weather will be later that day, but the fact is they want information, and search engines are out there to help them find the information!

Search Engines (SE's) work as follows:

1. They index sites. They do this by following the "web" (after all, the internet is one big web). While indexing one page, they find a link to your new website, and follow that link to your site. Because your site is new, they index you. While not that simple, that is the basic idea.

2. They return to index more of your site. The rate of indexing is dependant on how often your site updates. If the se's come to a site that hasn't been updated since the last time they came, the next visit won't happen again until a while later. Similiary, if you update far too often (this is only a problem with rss feeds), as in more than a few times a minute, you could be considered a spammer, and given lower rankings.

3. Once you have been indexed, your pages will be included for searches. When a search term is typed and entered into the SE's, they will scan their indexed pages FIRST for keywords (the search term entered). From there it will determine the number of pages with said keywords, and the density. Too few keywords, are far too many keywords will result in lower rankings.

4. Next they will check your link popularity. If sites are linking to your site with your keywords as their "anchor text" (you click on make money, and it brings you to whatever website, make money would be the keywords). The number of link ins, and the relevance of said link - ins all factor in your "link popularity"

5. Finally, they will rank you and display your site based on your keywords, link popularity, frequency of updates, and general size of your site. - How I make my money - How I market to make my money.

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