Site-Digest 7 Simple Steps To Place Your Site Map On Steroids

The Site Map is a too often overlooked piece of the Search engine Optimization Puzzle. Here is a Simple Step 7 step approach to create a Super Charged Site Digest on Steroids that will get your web pages indexed faster and more often.

Step 1 Use Pseudo Directory Naming Convention

A Recent Article ('See How Using a Pseudo Directory Can Increase your Page Ranking and Organize your Web Site') discussed how you could increase your Page Rank scores by using a Pseudo Directory. (

Briefly keep all your web pages in one Directory but append a Prefix to the name so you could organize your pages like a Directory structure and still get the Page Rank Boost for having all your pages nearer the root.

As an Example For a Web Site about Pillows may have

    'Buck' as Prefix for Buckwheat Pillows

    'Fea' as a Prefix for a Feather Pillow

    'Poly' as a prefix for Polyester Pillows.

Files would now be named:




Step 2 Keep Your Pseudo-Directories Small and Manageable.

An Efficient way to use this method is to find and republish 10 to 20 articles at the same time with the same topic. All articles on the advantages of Buck Wheat Pillows would be named:






After 10 to 20 Articles are Published to the Web-Site a Table of contents is created as per step 3. A few days later more articles about Buck Wheat Pillows are added and are assigned a Prefix 'buck2'. All these new pages are now named:






A Table of Contents is Now Created for 'Buck2'

Similarly next time Articles about Buckwheat Pillows are collected 'Buck3' would be used as a Prefix.

The Main advantages of this method are:

    Google will easily find and index all your new pages

    Lots of Small manageable Pseudo-Directories Each with their own Table of Contents.

    Your Site-Digest in Step 4 is always Fresh and Changing changing.

Step 3 Create a Table of Contents for each Pseudo Directory

So Lets say under Buckwheat you have the Following Pages






Create a Table of contents for your Buckwheat Pillows Listing only your Buckwheat Files and Call it 'Buck-Table-of-Contents.Html'. Similarly you would have a Table of contents for your Polyester and Feather Pillows.

Step 4 Create a Site-Digest with all your Products

Create a File and name it Site-Digest.html and list the Buck, Poly and Feather Table of Contents Files. Of course this Site-Digest File would also contain your Mattress Table of Contents and Towel Table of contents and anything else you may sell.

A Sample Site Digest may look like this

    Buck Wheat Pillows Table of Contents

    Feather Pillows Table of Contents

    Polyester Pillows Table of Contents

    Mattress Table of Contents


    Bath Shop Table of Contents

Step 5 The Google Sitemap File

You would now create a Google Sitemap file. Be sure and tell google that your Site-Digest File Changes often. This way google will grab this page and Index your site (

Step 6 Step Keep Your Site-Digest Current

Every time you create a new pseudo-directory and Table of contents for that pseudo-directory simply add it to your Site-Digest. Now when Google grabs your Site-Digest it will Spider all your new Table of Contents and Magically Index your new pages.

Step 7 Super Charge your Site- Digest

If you would like to Super Charge your Site-Digest Name your Hyperlinks with descriptive Keywords. Add A Summary about each item in your Site-Digest

    Buck Wheat Pillows Table of Contents - Description

    Buck Wheat Pillows Table of Contents - Link

    Feather Pillows Table of Contents - Description

    Feather Pillows Table of Contents - Link

    Polyester Pillows Table of Contents - Description

    Polyester Pillows Table of Contents - Link

    Mattress Table of Contents - Description

    Mattress Table of Contents - Link


    Bath Shop Table of Contents - Description

    Bath Shop Table of Contents - Link

By Following the above simple steps and creating a Super Charged Site-Digest you will make it easier for Google to index your current and all of your new Web Pages.

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