Whats Link Popularity?

Link popularity is just one of the ways you can try to promote your website with the intention of getting to the top of the search engines.

Obviously in this day and age it's just about impossible to get to the top of the search engines if you have a new website from a standing start.

In fact large companies will now use the services of a professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company to help them get to the top.

And still have no guarantees that it will get there!

It takes time, dedication and patience to achieve this and it certainly won't happen overnight. Sometimes you'll be doing things that just don't seem to show results but if you are doing work now that will bear fruit in the future then success is more of a reality.

What you need to ask yourself is...

What am I prepared to do to make my online presence successful for the long term?

And how much am I willing to invest in time and money to achieve this outcome?

See, quite often we want everything to happen for us immediately. In fact most of our societies now expect instant results or instant gratification. The reality on the other hand is very different.

To build a strong, sturdy house that is designed to last a lifetime, more planning and work goes into laying down the foundations of the building than what is seen above ground.

The foundations are what the house sits on but the work done and the financial cost are mostly unseen. Creating a long term business may require you to outlay more effort and investment in time and money to see the results down the track.

That unfortunately is an unknown but persistence and taking regular positive action will ultimately lead to success.

The moral of is to remind ourselves that Rome wasn't built in a day but great things can happen when you plan for the long term and lay down a great foundation.

How much time and effort are you putting into your business to get it where you want it to be, and if its not enough time, you need to ask yourself why you aren't committing yourself wholly.

Look at the big picture and take the essential steps to reach your goals today!

Tamra Forde
Marketing Director
Freedom Business Opportunity

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