Search Engine Visibility - The Mantra of Corporate Profitability

The corporate fundamentals are par excellence! The product is unsurpassable and the website is a web designer's dream in creativity and design ? but there is a vacuum ? of potential online customers! ? The website lacks the basic ingredient of success ? Search Engine Visibility! ? which is what search engine optimization is all about.

Increasing the search engine visibility is vital to any online business. To illustrate Google alone gets as many as 250 million searches a day ? visualize the magnitude of the potential market out there if one were to get the all important visibility factor right!

Search engine visibility is not merely about obtaining top positions in search results ? rather it is about designing, writing, conceptualizing and creating a website. This is done exclusively for the site visitors and helping them find what they are searching for using the modality of search engines ? the basic navigation tool over the internet.

The concept of building the site first and focusing on the visibility factor later is like building the car first and worrying about the quality index later! This fallacy can translate into a financial loss to the Corporate amounting to thousands of dollars.

Web designing should be executed with in - built user and search engine friendly parameters.

The reason to exist for any business enterprise is profitability both financial and social. The cornerstone of financial profitability is predictably maximizing profits, which is governed by an array of management and marketing tools.

The exponential growth of the web into an ocean of information has ushered in the era of the potential online customer turning to exploring the websites.

The corporate of today then is anonymous without a corporate website. The website provides an insight to the corporate profile, information and services. A strong website without search engine visibility is an untapped potential, which can only hurt the corporate bottom line and the stakeholders. Consequently, a strong website coupled with high search engine visibility is a near invisible weapon in the hands of a dynamic corporate.

The search engines are the basic navigation aids for the potential online customer and are entrusted with the daunting task of selecting from millions of web sites and pages when responding to online queries. The search engines undoubtedly favor "search friendly" sites and this is where search engine visibility comes into play.

Search engine optimization and increasing the visibility is then the order of the day if the corporate visibility is to sustain and co ? exist.

The search engine centric approach cannot be utilized in isolation. It should ideally strike a delicate balance between being a search engine friendly and a user-friendly website.

Increase that Search engine visibility and watch the queries pour in, then work on the conversion index for without the potential customer queries there will be no conversion Index!

Arun Tibrewal is an online marketing promotions specialist since 1998 and owner of I-wayhost - Web Hosting and its network sites. I-wayhost is dedicated to provide top class hosting services with there straight forward plans. Permission is granted to reprint this article as long as the resource box should keep intact with the following links.

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