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Some of the Search engines want only original content. So if the Search Engine Get's to your web Page on your Site and realize they have already seen this Page they won't Index it again, This can be a real hazard if you submit Articles for free Re-Distribution. It is not only possible but highly probable that a site with a higher Page Rank then yours will get your page Indexed First.

Method 1 Delay before You Publish A very simple way to get around this limitation is to post your article on your web page and wait until it is indexed by the Big 3 (Yahoo, Google and MSN). At that point you might want to wait a month or 2 extra and then submit your Article to the Article Directories. Of Course for those of us who can't are won't wait we have 2 other Methods

Method 2 Make Small Changes A Second Method is to make some small changes to your Articles before you submit them to the Article Directories. See my My Previous Article 'The 2 Headed Dragon: Let Others Publish Your Material and Keep Your Site Unique' ( Where I talked about how by having 2 or 3 Versions of your Article you can keep your site Fresh and the Search Engines Interested and at the Same Time Get some back links by putting your Articles in the Public Domain for Free Distribution.

Method 3 Add Some Dynamic Content Another way to enhance this Method is with Dynamic Feeds. By Placing 3 or 4 random Dynamic Feeds on your Articles Page you can also make your site unique. Most Places that have articles for you to distribute also have Dynamic Feeds. A List of places with Dynamic feeds ( This Site has a free tool to convert your feed to a Java Script

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