Search Engines The Masters Of The Internet Universe ? Part 1

Trillions of Billions of content pages make up the wide world of Internet. Keeping a house clean and arranged with proper placement for each household item is so big a task for each of us that it is a much despised daily chore. Ever wonder who or what keeps the Internet clean organized and keep them in arms length for you when you need it? This humongous task of making sure the right set of data is kept organized and delivered as information to the right folks when they need it are done by the Search Engines (SE). There are many popular search engines that deliver search results for countless number of searches every Nano-second. The Internet is the first place folks go for obtaining any type of information. The Internet has become the knowledge warehouse of what the world knows. Well almost true. If you have not discovered the full potential of the search engines it is not too late.

Coming to think about the knowledge we are "allowed" to acquire in our early formative years, it has been so narrow don't you think. You have been taught what is right and with knowledge that is so "Local". Different perspectives to the same problem are what has created this great species that is ruling this earth and in some time soon the universe. The internet is the place to go to understand and know about the different perspectives and learn a lot more that is "Global" for "Free". Internet is the best medium for free speech and nothing comes close to it. With freedom comes responsibility and with freedom comes the power of choice. It is said with experience that when toddlers are told not to grab a light bulb, they never listen. When the hold it once and feel the misery of the heat they never again reach for them again. Some of these kids may go ahead and create light bulbs that are cold for touch but does the same functionality in the future. Man is a kid at various stages of life on various aspects of life and knowledge domains. Internet provides a means to acquire knowledge freely and based on bad choices they may get burnt but they may find a good alternative or something more useful to our human race.

The topic title and the content till now seem to be a mismatch and I see you smile at reading this line. Let me do the correlation real quick to get you back on the topic. Search engines are the masters of the Internet world. When someone wants to acquire information on a topic the search results is what defines what the person gets to learn. This is similar to the localization concept I mentioned earlier. What is troubling me is the popularity of a few search engines, I equate them to the perspectives that we are boxed into. Your knowledge expansion really depends on what is available as the top 20 results in the search engines. Getting to learn the same perspective as anybody else doesn't gain you much in the long term. There is reason behind each person's existence ? to make a positive difference. Unless you are exposed to the multiple perspectives and vast knowledge out there that needs your help to make things a little better there remains a task undone. We will see a little bit more about what concepts have taken the job of rescue mission from a boxed in Internet world in the next part. Meanwhile you can search using the search engine in the resource box to get a different set of results for a different perspective.

Author suggests a dosage of atleast two searches before sleep each day for the following search engines: and this Search Engine Listing Website. If you forgot to take the directed dosage you have the liberty to take twice the number of dosage when you get to remember the same. Author is a freelance writer for the webs many great websites and can be contacted at indyan at gmail dot com. Permission is granted to reprint the article with all portions of this article intact including this resource box in its entire form.

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