SEO Quickstart - 3 Things You can Do to Improve Search Engine Rankings Right Now

Increasing your search engine rankings should certainly be one of your main goals if you are looking to increase your targeted traffic. The reason for this is if you improve your search engine rankings, you'll increase the amount of visitors your website receives, and when you increase traffic to your site you are going to increase customers and sales. All of this potential has webmasters spending a lot of time and money getting their pages in the top 10 results on large, popular search engines like Google. There are only 10 spots on the first page of a search and thousands upon thousands of web pages are competing for these top spots. You have to put together an SEO marketing plan and include some of the proven ways to increase your search engine rankings today. Read the following suggestions, implement them in your marketing plan, and watch your traffic increase!

#1 - Get Links

If you do not have links to your website on other sites, you can forget getting a top rating. The reason for this is that many of the top search engines, and even some of the smaller ones, are searching for the amount of links on the Internet that are linked to your website. The more you have means the more popular your website and the higher weight it will be given. However, if you do not have links to your website, it is not the end of the world because it is fairly easy to get links via reciprocal linking. Start today and watch your website rise in the search results.

#2 - Do Keyword Research

You need a keyword campaign if you want to compete with other websites for the top search results. The reason for this is many of the top search engines base their results on the keywords searched for and the existence of these keywords in your website copy. However, it is very important to understand how keywords work and how to incorporate them into your website effectively. The best thing to do is research keywords and how to use them online to adequately incorporate this element into your marketing campaign.

#3 - Submit Your URL

This might sound obvious, but too many people never submit their URL to the big search engines, then they just sit back and wait and hope the search engine spiders pick up their site and index it. Do not waste time waiting for this when you can submit your URL and get indexed much quicker. However, read the rules and regulations for submitting your URL to search engines and know what they are looking for so you'll be sure to meet all of the requirements.

Once you do these three simple tasks, which really will not take you much time and no money, you'll increase your website traffic and start enjoying more sales. Don't wait to increase the popularity of your website, go ahead and start today!

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