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Why shouldn't I use a submission service that submits my site to 5000+ search engines?

Some Company's claim that they submit your website to 5000+ search engines. The majority of these 5000+ so called search engines are free links for all pages, very special interest web pages or, even worse, websites masquerading as search engines. Submitting your web page to these 5000+ search engines means, that you'll receive 5000 spam e-mail messages. Quality matters so much more than quantity.

Can Visual Orange guarantee top 10 search engine rankings?

Visual Orange helps you to optimize your web pages so that they get the best possible rankings. No one can guarantee a number 1 ranking on Google - Beware of SEO's that claim to guarantee rankings, or that claim a "special relationship" with Google, or that claim to have a "priority submit" to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly, is by using the page at You can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.

Does my web page need to be continually resubmitted to get on and stay on the search engines?

We keep hearing this question and it is around for at least 8 years! Resubmitting dates back to the time when Webcrawler was the biggest search engine and no Pentium yet around! It does not guarantee ranking, but it makes sense to resubmit at some engines every three months, because they simply cancel after this period your web site.

What we can conclude is the following:

Submission is necessary but does not guarantee inclusion in search engines. We do not add all of your pages to search engines, and cannot predict when or if they will appear."

What is link popularity?

The more other web sites link to your web site, the higher is your link popularity. Link Popularity helps you to increase the search engine ranking results of your web site. Web sites that have many links from other good rated web sites, get much better search engine rankings than web sites with no other sites linking to them.

It's really easy: you name the category of your web site and Visual Orange searches for web sites that might place a link to your web site. Web sites will link to your web site and the link popularity of your site will be improved. As a result, you'll get higher search engine rankings, more customers and more sales.

Billy Horner is the author of this article,and has many years of experience in the SEO world. He worked for many companies and helped to show the way to succes.He now works for Visual Orange Co., Ltd. based in Ayutthaya Thailand.

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