The Latest Craze: Local Search, 7 Steps to Being #1 in Your Local Market

Anyone would agree that it is much easier to be number 1 out of 100 or 500 then 1 Million or 200 Million. With these 7 Steps you should have no problem being number 1 in your Local Market or Markets

A Recent Search on the Term Book Store Yielded over 200,000,000 Million Results in the Yahoo Search engine. Using the Same term for the local Yahoo Search engine in the city of St. Louis Yielded only 133 results. The Same local search in the city of New York Yielded only 1233 results. What do you think would be Easier being the First out of 200 Million or Being First out of 133 or maybe 1233.

Step 1 Determine Your Local Market

If you are a Dr. or a Lawyer your local market may be very different then a Restaurant. People will travel further to a Restaurant then they will to see a Dr. Of course if your Restaurant specializes in Take-Out or Delivery that would be a determining Factor.

Step 2 Find all the Zip Codes and/ or Cities in your Local Market.

A Dr in Florissant MO may also be local for people in Hazzlewood, Blackjack or Spanish Lake.

Step 3 Online Yellow Pages

Get Listed in Online Yellow Pages and City Guide Directories

Step 4 Find Your Keywords

What are your target Keywords. If you are a Lawyer. Accident Lawyer or Bankruptcy lawyer are more targeted then just Lawyer.

Step 5 Get Listed in Local Search Engines

All the Major search Engines Yahoo, Google and MSN have Local versions sorted by Zip code or City, State

Step 6 Extend your Local Presence

Some Businesses like Encyclopedia Salesmen may have a much larger Local Area. Consider getting a local phone number in cities and towns within a 100 or 200 Mile Radius.

Step 7 Get an 800 Number

If your Local market spans area codes consider getting an 800 number.

Following the above 7 steps and With very little effort you can get local.

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